BARIMEX shop is a modern ordering system that allows your customers comfortable , convenient and efficient purchase directly from the computer screen and we would like to explain how to order from us , or buys goods .

It’s nothing complicated and in many ways the entire operation is similar to shopping in the normal ordinary course of trade .

Is registration required ?

BARIMEX is a wholesale artificial flowers , artificial trees , wreaths and similar goods from the area. For this reason Is registration required . Although we sometimes goods for sale to all.
Otherwise, the sale is ONLY available to trade. Anonymously , you can arbitrarily move around the online purchasing system and browse the products offered . Where it is possible to see the prices , but for most goods to see prices after registration , sometimes only after authorization by the administrator. Therefore, please accept this fact and patience , if not immediately . But buying and ordering is allowed only for registered customers . Join in our system is of course free and discreet . All customers also need to go through the ordering process in which they enter the necessary data , which are important for the execution of orders .

How to register ?

Click on ” My Account ” in the top menu . In the box ” New Customer ” press “Go .” After completing all the mandatory data press “Go ” . If you have filled out everything correctly , you will have our database set up a user account with your name and login password . Whenever you later want to shop our store , just when you subscribe . Then you do not need to fill your personal information each time you want to send your order . If you want to delete your user account , let us know and we’ll take care of it .

Personal data thus entered into our database at any time to modify or completely erased . Just select the link to change the data on the ” My Account ” . You can also unsubscribe at any time (refer to unsubscribe ) .

Probably the most important is the link to report your orders . Here you can see which orders you have made in our store or leave a detailed list of goods which you have purchased the following . But what more . You also have an overview of what is currently happening with your order ( has been processed , outstanding etc. ) .

You also have the possibility of inserting a different address than your in the event that you need so that we delivered the goods to another as a business address . All this , see ” Directory ” page by clicking on the ” My Account ” .

As you have already registered and would like to subscribe to our shopping system , click on ” My Account ” , enter your email , choose the second option entitled “I am already registered customer” and the next box, enter the password you chose during registration .

If you forget your login password , our e-commerce will send it to you by email . Select the link ” forgot password ” on the login page . Here you enter your e – mail address you entered when creating your account . As our business will find this address in its database , it will send you all the necessary information with the new slogan to our purchasing system .

Selection by category – all you need

Note that the left of each page of our shop is always a list of categories where appropriate subcategories . Right here you will always find what you need . Through said list to get to any part of our catalog and quickly and without any extra clicking . We do not want to burden you with unnecessary things , so we tried shopping as easy as possible and enjoyable .

Each category except that it contains an article , can also have its own sub-category . The following subcategories also contain various types of goods .

Whenever you click on the name of any category or subcategory , you immediately gives an overview of trade goods that are included in this category . As long list of goods and does not fit on one page , it will automatically split into multiple pages . Just click on the desired number of pages at the top or bottom of your and our system will soon offer this page .

Product overview

If you click on any category name or the link producers or let you find an item that interests you ( see below ) , your browser will offer an overview of the goods . Each item of this report includes only the name of the product , but also its code . Additionally , you can now add this item to your cart e ( see cart ) . Alternatively , if it is already in the basket loaded , it can of course choose . If you click on the name, the browser will offer product page . This page contains except the name and the code also very detailed description of the product, including its image . Also on this page you have the opportunity to put products into cart and choice count.


We believe that you will very often in our shop to find products that you would like to purchase. We have prepared for you to browse our catalog and is very easy and convenient . On the left you will find the top right search box . Just when you enter into it try later or part thereof . After you press Enter, the We searched our database and browser offer you a list of goods that corresponds to your desired condition .
Another option is to use the so-called . advanced search . Select a link advanced search . Tender page contains several options how to determine the condition of your search . These conditions can be combined , but must always be at least one selected . Example, you can specify that you are looking for goods has in its title the word ” Alstromeria ” and that the manufacturer ” BARIMEX ” . To previous potential problems with Slovak names , search also works with diacritical due.

Cart and Checkout

When you enter to our e-commerce have in hand a sort of imaginary electronic cart . In it you can certainly be added goods . Just when the button is pressed the selected item to the basket . At that moment the goods are loaded in your electronic basket . View full basket can by clicking either on the title in the top menu ” Shopping Cart ” or the right to select the ” Shopping Cart ” .

Inserting products into your cart

Wherever the name of the goods , you will find the possibility to add this item to your cart. Just press add to cart . Product is immediately inserted into the basket and our e-commerce inform you of this by adding a selected product to the shopping cart in the upper right side of each page .
If you wish to change the number of units of the product , click on the link to the shopping cart, will open a new page , where in the ” Number ” enter numerical values and press the ” Refresh Cart ” .
If you wish to remove anything from your cart , check the ” Delete ” for goods to be removed from the shopping cart and press the ” Refresh Cart ” .


Check out our store is associated with a basket , so you have the chance again to go there from the ” Shopping Cart ” when you click on the ” Order ” . The second option is hidden in the top right menu in the ” Order” . Here you must choose a method of payment for your selected merchandise and also warehouse address where you want to place an order .

Our e-commerce will offer one more page where you last opportunity to check everything . Now press the button to confirm . Your order is sent at this moment merchant. You will receive an e – mail with the information and confirm your order .

For any questions , please feel free to contact us .